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TASMANIA, the Seduction from Afar

| Yoo-Hoo, a Call for all Adventurers Lapak digelar, aroma kopi menyeruak, obrolan  bergulir. Sudah ke-sekian kalinya eksekusi  ‘dream to become true’, besar maupun kecil hanya berawal dari obrolan ngopi … Continue reading

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Meet ‘Geisha’, ‘Mei Hua’, ‘Nephentes’, and Blahhh….

|:    Damn! I admire this city (Royal Botanic Gardens Edition)  It’s been tooooooo long since my last post on July 2014. Business, laziness, or any ‘whatever-ness’… you name it, regardless … Continue reading

November 13, 2014 · 4 Comments

Saman Attack !!!

[a very late post] OK,  won’t be too long with words here. Only pictures that will explain our excitement, joy, and pride, for us given a chance to present Saman … Continue reading

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Ini Pilihanku!

Pemilu Presiden dan Wkil Presiden RI di TPS Luar Negeri sudah dilaksanakan pada tanggal 5 Juli lalu. Terlepas dari beberapa permasalahan dalam proses pemungutan suara di sebuah negara, Warga Negara … Continue reading

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a Prodigy called ART!

| Get wild at NGV (Part 1) “If I was White I would have been counted in the Census since 1901. If I was White I would have a country. … Continue reading

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Two Survivors at Loch Ard Gorge – Gorgeous yet Hazardous Beauty

| Awesome Walkabout Exploring Australian Coastal Lines – Part 2 “Only two of 54 people on board the LOCH ARD survived. 18-year-old Eva Carmicheal, one of a family of eight … Continue reading

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Why Are They Called Twelve Apostles?

|  Awesome Walkabout Exploring Australian Coastal Lines – Part 1.5   A short message from a friend of mine popped in my phone as alarm crowed, confirming my journey that … Continue reading

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